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How to Introduce a New Pet to Children

Now is a great time to add a new pet into your family. With the majority of us working from home, we are able to handle their needs better. It’s also a nice way to distract your children from their inevitable cabin fever and learn additional responsibilities. Best of all, pets are natural anxiety and

How to Introduce a New Pet to Children2020-03-31T18:05:39+00:00

8 Things You May Not Have Known Were Poison to Your Pet

You’ve probably heard that chocolate is poisonous to dogs and poinsettias are poisonous to cats, but did you know that there are other items in your home that are just as dangerous? Xylitol This common sugar substitute is used in toothpaste, breath mints and gum. It is incredibly toxic to dogs, especially smaller dogs. Even

8 Things You May Not Have Known Were Poison to Your Pet2020-03-31T17:55:15+00:00

Why Spay and Neuter Your Pet?

You might have heard Bob Barker say it—please spay and neuter your pets! But why? In the United States alone, the ASPCA estimates that 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters every year. This includes both cats and dogs. By spaying and neutering animals, you are doing your part to help cut down on

Why Spay and Neuter Your Pet?2020-03-31T17:55:24+00:00

Proper Techniques and Benefits of Brushing Your Dog’s Hair

While brushing your dog’s coat may seem like a chore for both you and your pup, regular brushings are actually an essential part of keeping your best friend happy and healthy. It doesn’t matter whether your dog’s coat is short, long, thin or thick, regular grooming not only helps keep him looking good, it helps

Proper Techniques and Benefits of Brushing Your Dog’s Hair2020-01-18T19:29:01+00:00

Preventing and Treating Ear Infections in Dogs

Getting an ear infection can be painful and irritating, and it’s no different for dogs. Dog’s ear canals are the perfect breeding ground for infection-causing bacteria and other microorganisms, especially if your dog has long, floppy ears or likes to swim. Ear infections are one of the most common reasons pet owners bring their dog

Preventing and Treating Ear Infections in Dogs2020-01-18T19:24:10+00:00

Three Facts About Pet Food Allergies

When concerns arise about a pet’s health, some pet parents may immediately consider food allergies as the cause. Studies show that food allergies in pets, however, are actually uncommon. And while it is possible for symptoms such as itching, vomiting and diarrhea to be associated with food allergies, many of these same symptoms could also

Three Facts About Pet Food Allergies2019-12-13T19:32:21+00:00

Chocolate Toxicosis in Dogs

Chocolate is a holiday favorite for many people, whether it’s a box of holiday chocolates, cookies or a cup of hot cocoa, this sweet treat is a winter staple in many homes. While we might take advantage of the increase of chocolatey treats around the house, if you have a dog at home these treats

Chocolate Toxicosis in Dogs2019-11-27T11:51:46+00:00

Danger of Ribbon and Ornament Ingestion

It's important to be mindful of the health and safety of your pet before you decorate your home for the holidays. While you may be excited to embrace the spirit of the season and transform your home into a winter wonderland, it’s important to educate yourself on the hazards which decorations can pose to pets

Danger of Ribbon and Ornament Ingestion2019-11-27T11:47:33+00:00
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