Whether you’re a cat person, a dog person or both, you know how frustrating it can be to keep your pets entertained and stimulated with the weather outside is frightful. While some cats are perfectly happy to stay inside all day, outdoor cats and most dogs can get anxious, rowdy or both if they aren’t able to get outside enough. Here are some ways to keep your pets entertained during bad weather.

Play With Your Cat

While some indoor cats are happy sleeping on the couch all day, outdoor cats sometimes have much more energy. If your outdoor cat is stuck inside, playing with him and his toys is a great way to get some energy out. Toys on a fishing pole gives your girl a chance to jump. Nip-filled toys encourage him to run around like a nut before his nap. Temptations makes a great snacky mouse dispenser she’ll have fun playing with to earn low-calorie treats.

Keep Your Dog Busy

Just like cats, dogs love it when you play with them. Aside from toys and food puzzles, why not go crazy every now and then and create an obstacle course? Building tunnels, platforms and jumps out of household items is a great way to keep your dog entertained.

Another thing you can do is to teach them new tricks. This is a great opportunity to work with your dog on new commands that could be useful when the weather gets better. Getting them to sit, stay, roll over and master leash walking are some of the most common ways to train your pup. If you’ve already nailed all of these commands, training your dog to clean up her toys is a good next step.

Tug Of War

Most dogs love playing tug of war, and it happens to be pretty good exercise if a walk isn’t an option. Tug of war doubles as a good way to train your dog when to “drop it” and can even redirect inappropriate use of teeth.

YouTube Is Your Pet’s Second-Best Friend

Had enough excitement but your pet hasn’t? Head to YouTube and search for videos for cats or videos for dogs. You wouldn’t believe how many there are! While you’re there, check out some of the videos on our channel.

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