Pet Care in the Most Stress-free, Hassle-Free Manner Possible

Here at PetWow we are deeply committed to making professional pet care as easy as possible for our clients. We recognize that most pet owners are really, really, busy! Time has become a precious commodity. People’s lives move at a faster pace than ever before. Between getting the kids off to school, getting to work on time, attending to responsibilities at home and a thousand other things, the modern lifestyle can sometimes feel frenzied. For this reason, our mission is to provide excellence in pet care precisely with a focus on providing that pet care in the most stress-free, hassle-free manner possible. Here are just some of the ways PetWow carries out that goal on a daily basis.

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Grooming & Veterinary Care At The Same Time

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Save time and avoid hassle. Drop your pet off for both Pet Grooming and Veterinary Care at the same time. We can vaccinate your pet, clean their teeth and give them a fabulous groom all in one visit. This is just another reason why PetWow is “Pet Care Made Easy”.

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Early Bird Drop-Off Service

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We open our doors at 7:00 AM so that busy pet owners can drop their pet off for routine care or routine surgery such as vaccines, checkups, spays, neuters, teeth cleanings and more. We will give you a call when the work is done and you can then pick your pet up on your time-table.

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Evening Hours

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We know that a daily occupational schedule can make it difficult for some pet owners to get their pet to a veterinary office during the day. To meet this need, PetWow locations offer evening hours on various days throughout the week to accommodate those with a busy daytime work schedule.

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Home Veterinary Care Mobile Service

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PetWow’s Home Veterinary Care was created to be your complete solution for the veterinary needs of your pet(s) in a fully mobile environment. We can and do perform every medical procedure that is done in a traditional practice without the need for you, the pet owner, to leave the comfort of your own home. Equally important, we have structured our prices to remain competitive with traditional “walk-in” hospitals. PetWow’s Home Veterinary Care is simply REVOLUTIONARY!

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Vaccine Reminders by TEXT

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Get INSTANT notifications when your pet is due for vaccines or other important health needs. You’ll also be helping PetWow go green by reducing the number of post card reminders we mail out!

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Multi-Pet Discount

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Do you have three or more pets? Why not bring them in for veterinary care and/or pet grooming at the same time? We offer our customers 10% off ALL services when we see 3 or more of their pets at the same time.

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5% Grooming Pre-Booking Discount

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If after a grooming appointment you go ahead and schedule your next groom (prebook), PetWow will take 5% off your next visit. This ongoing incentive helps encourage you to consistently have your pets groomed.

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Senior Citizen Discount

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We offer senior citizens (60 and over) a 10% discount on all veterinary care services.

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10% Military & Police Discount

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Are you currently enrolled in any branch of the United States armed forces, or have you served our country in the past? Or are you an active or retired police officer? If so, then we would like to show our appreciation for your service with a discount on all services, medications, and preventatives. Let us know about your active or prior military status, or your active or prior police status, at time of checkout.