Just like their pet parents, cats in fact do catch colds. If your cat has the sniffles, extra sneezing, watery eyes and/or a runny nose, it’s possible he or she has a cold. But don’t worry — you didn’t give it to him, and he can’t give his cold to you.

Outdoor cats or indoor cats who’ve recently been boarded are more likely to catch a cold from another cat. Luckily, most colds aren’t contagious to other types of pets, so if your home has both cats and dogs and your cat has a cold, it’s very unlikely your dog will catch it.

In most cases, colds do not require veterinary care, but there are ways to make your cat more comfortable.

How To Treat A Cat’s Cold At Home

To help with the runny nose or watery eyes, gently wipe your cat’s eyes or nose with a clean, warm (but not hot) damp cloth. Be sure to fold it before moving to the eyes or nose second so the cloth is clean.

Never give your cat over-the-counter medications.

If your home’s air is dry, you can run a humidifier for short periods of time. Be sure to keep the humidifier out of your cat’s reach, or run it only when you can supervise your cat closely.

Increasing your cat’s fluid intake will also help them feel more comfortable, so change their water a few times a day. Your curious cat is more likely to take a drink when they see you filling their water dish.

If your cat seems congested, place him in his carrier. Outside the carrier and out of paw reach, place a large bowl of steaming water. Cover both the carrier and the bowl with a towel to trap the moist heat for about 10 minutes.

Help your cat stay warm by placing an extra blanket in her favorite spots to nap. Colds can last up to two weeks, and in most cases are not serious.

When To Seek Veterinary Care 

If your cat has a serious cold that lasts longer than four days, make an appointment with your veterinarian, especially if your cat has a decreased appetite. Your vet will need to check for pneumonia, and make sure it’s just a cold.

If your cat doesn’t have all of her vaccinations or is nursing, she’ll need to be seen quickly. If at any time during the cold your cat has trouble breathing, a repetitive cough or a fever, your cat will need to be seen immediately.

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