Cats make fantastic companions. They’re much easier to care for than dogs, and while you may have to work a little harder to earn their love, once given you’ll enjoy a bond that is tough to break. There are so many cats who need good homes, so choosing to rescue a cat helps not only bring more love into your life, it can also save its life. Here are a few things to look for when selecting your forever pet.

Consider Its Age

Kittens are adorable and fun, but they are often in destruct-mode. Not out of aggression, but to a kitten, anything and everything is something to play with. Whether it’s the toilet paper, your shoes, curtains or furniture, kittens spend their time exploring their world and don’t realize yet what is and is not a toy. It takes time and patience to train a kitten. This trait is something that most infants and toddlers do not have, so if you have little patience or small children at home, you might consider adopting an older cat who is already litter-box trained and less likely to accidentally destroy your valuables.

Check The Cat’s Response To You

Some cats have certain fears due to previous bad experiences. You’ll want to find a cat that responds well to your touch and doesn’t feel overly intimidated by you. If you’re wanting a lap cat with a constant need to be near you, try and find a cat who likes being cuddled and enjoys spending time being held. Some cats are more shy than others, while others aren’t too big on the idea of being held. Be patient, because the right cat for you is out there. It might not happen during your first visit to the shelter/rescue, but it will happen.

Ask Questions

Feel free to ask the workers at the shelter/rescue anything and everything about the cat that you’re interested in so you can learn as much about them as possible. Also, be sure to read the cat story listed on its cage. These are notes from the caregivers who spend the most time with the cat. Here you can learn about the cat’s temperament toward other animals and people, and how he or she adapts to new environments, etc. You’ll also want to check your cat’s health report, which lists allergies, previous surgeries, or anything else that the shelter/rescue might know.

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