6 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

Whether it’s purring on your lap or chasing toys, cats make great companions. They’re playful and affectionate, and if you’re looking for a new furry friend, cats are a lower-maintenance option. But if you’re looking to get a cat and aren’t sure where to start, local animal shelters are a great place to find your next feline friend. There’s plenty of reasons to adopt from a local shelter and here’s a few of our favorite reasons to adopt a cat.

They Take Care of Themselves

Cats are known for their independence and don’t require regular walks or large yards, making them perfect for people in smaller homes or apartments, and those with busy schedules. They also bathe themselves so you don’t have to worry about dealing with messy baths.

They Love to Cuddle

Cats love a good lap to curl up in and love to cuddle. This has added benefits as studies have shown that spending time with cats greatly improves their owner’s well-being.

They Help Reduce Stress

Studies have shown that owning a cat helps reduce stress and anxiety. Spending just 15 to 30 minutes a day with your cat can help improve your mood. Additionally cats purr at between 20 and 140 Hz, which has been scientifically linked to lower stress levels.

They Don’t Need Housebreaking

While we love our canine companions, housebreaking a dog requires a lot of patience and can get pretty messy. Cats are a lot easier to train. All you need is a clean litter box and they take care of the rest themselves, which means no late-night bathroom trips into the dark backyard or in the rain.

Adoption is an Easy Way to Find the Right Companion

Volunteers at shelters spend a lot of time with the animals and get to know their personalities pretty well. They can often recommend the perfect cat for you based on your personality and lifestyle.

Adoption Helps Other Pets, Too

Adopting a cat from a local shelter doesn’t just help one animal. You’re helping other animals as well. Not only does it free up space for other animals to get adopted, but adoption fees also help support the shelter and find other animals loving homes.

We love our feline friends and if you’ve ever considered getting a cat,  adopting one is a great way to gain a furry new friend and support a great local cause. Here at PetWow, we love our furry friends and work hard to make sure that we help animals find good homes. Our team loves taking care of animals and we’re proud to help support our local SAAP, which is a fantastic place to find your next pet. For more pet care tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn!

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How to Introduce a New Pet to Children

Now is a great time to add a new pet into your family. With the majority of us working from home, we are able to handle their needs better. It’s also a nice way to distract your children from their inevitable cabin fever and learn additional responsibilities. Best of all, pets are natural anxiety and stress relievers. Here are a few tips to ensure your children will have a positive experience with your new family member.

Talk About New-Pet Jitters

Before you adopt a pet, have a few conversations with your children so they know what to expect. Explain that your pet may be nervous at first. Not only does this let your child know it’s OK if they’re nervous about it too, but it will help them understand why a new kitten might hide for a day or two, or a puppy might endlessly run around the house at first. Teach them that if your new pet hides, it’s nothing personal. They’re just nervous! Pets need time to acclimate to their new surroundings just as much as some children might feel nervous if their new pet jumps on them or kisses them often.

How To Touch For Your Pet

Using a stuffed animal, show your child how to gently pet your new family member. Explain to your children not to pull your pets’ tail or touch his or her eyes. Every animal has sensitive spots, and it’s important that children know not to pull their pet’s fur or touch their whiskers. Also, teach them not to try and pet their new pet when he or she is eating or relieving themself.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Let your children know that for the first few days or the first week depending on your pet’s temperament, slow and steady wins the race. They need to not jump too much or scream even in excitement. Your new pet needs to know they’re in a safe space surrounded by love and positivity.

Watch For Warning Signs

Unlike a stuffed animal, your new pet will growl or hiss if they’re uncomfortable. Children should learn that this means the fun they were having stops, and that they should say something soothing as they walk away. Your new pet will come back to them when it’s ready.

At PetWow, we care about you and your pets, and are here to help with vaccinations and other healthcare needs your pet has during the COVID-19 crisis. During this period, we are waiving transportation fees to pick up your pet from your home in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for their vet appointment. We’ll call to speak with you about their visit, and will bring them home afterward. You pay only for the vet appointment.

We also offer Home Veterinary Care, where our state-of-the-art mobile unit will park in your driveway or in front of your home and treat your pet there. It is sanitized and fully equipped with a pet pharmacy and all tools our vet needs. The prices are comparable to an office visit.

To schedule your appointment or to ask questions, please call us at 513-738-9691 or email us at info@petwow.com. For more pet care tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn!

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