5 Tips for Preparing Your Dog for a Grooming Appointment

As a dog owner, you know that regular grooming appointments are essential to maintain the hygiene and health of your furry friend. However, not all dogs are fond of grooming and may get nervous or anxious before and during the appointment. As a pet owner, you can help your dog feel comfortable and relaxed during

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The Best New Tech For Dog Owners

There are countless tech gear and gadgets for dog owners thanks to today’s digital age. From entertaining to feeding your dog and more, there’s no shortage of cool fun gadgets you can use for your beloved pooch. If you are looking to bring some excitement and entertainment into your dog’s life, here are the

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Importance of Year-Round Heartworm Prevention

Most pet owners would agree that protecting their pets from preventable health risks is an easy-to-keep priority. And while exercise, eating right and drinking plenty of water can help to keep pets healthy and active for many years, preventing deadly heartworm disease should also be among your top priorities. Understanding how heartworm disease is transmitted, how it affects pets’ health and how you can prevent your pets from contracting heartworm will help you to keep it top of mind.

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Symptoms Of Heat Stroke In Dogs

When we think of heat stroke, it’s easy to forget your dog can suffer from heat stroke as well. Sadly, we see too many dogs suffer from heat stroke, so we want to remind you about this life-threatening condition so you can recognize the symptoms if it happens, and better yet, avoid it altogether.

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Benefits Of Brushing Your Dog’s Coat

While brushing your dog’s coat may seem like a chore for both you and your pup, regular brushings are actually an essential part of keeping your best friend happy and healthy. It doesn’t matter whether your dog’s coat is short, long, thin or thick, regular grooming not only helps keep him looking good, it

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How To Prevent And Treat Ear Infections In Your Dog

Ear infections are painful and irritating, and it’s no different for dogs. Dog’s ear canals are the perfect breeding ground for infection-causing bacteria and other microorganisms, especially if your dog has long, floppy ears or likes to swim. Ear infections are one of the most common reasons pet owners bring their dog to the

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4 Reasons To Adopt A Senior Dog

Are you thinking about adopting a pet? Right now, so many dogs need a good home — especially senior dogs. Here are four reasons why you should consider adopting a senior dog. You May Save Its Life There are still shelters who euthanize pets who aren’t given homes in a certain number of days. Most

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Geriatric Screenings For Older Pets

Just like their human parents, pets need check-ups, too. And our senior pets are no exception. Here are common conditions to be on the lookout for, and symptoms not to ignore. What to look for in cats Cats are considered to be in the senior age range after approximately age 7. It is important to

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