Are you thinking about adopting a pet? Right now, so many dogs need a good home — especially senior dogs. Here are four reasons why you should consider adopting a senior dog.

You May Save Its Life

There are still shelters who euthanize pets who aren’t given homes in a certain number of days. Most families who adopt are looking for puppies, leaving senior dogs to face the ticking clock. By adopting a senior dog, you are not only providing it with a better life, but are also saving it from being put down.

Senior Dogs Are Not Bad Dogs

It’s a sad fact that most senior dogs in shelters once had a home. It could have been a loving home, but the owners had to move away and didn’t bring their dog for a number of reasons. It could have been that the owner died. Whatever the case, the majority of senior dogs are not problem dogs, but victims of circumstance.

Older Dogs Understand Basic Commands

Most senior dogs understand basic obedience and commands, and are usually already potty-trained. This makes them a perfect fit for most busy families.

They Go With The Flow

While it is fun to have a cute little puppy, they are a lot of work. Senior dogs are already in that sweet spot of wanting to relax with their owners, and won’t keep you up at night wanting to play. They won’t run away during a walk because they understand they have a loving family and aren’t as easily distracted by squirrels. They catch onto your routine quickly, and show their appreciation with lots of cuddles.

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