Winter brings cold weather and icy conditions, and if you and your dog plan on spending time outdoors, it’s important to make sure their paws are protected. Cold weather can be hard on their paws with dry winter air causing their paw pads to become dry and cracked, while ice-melting chemicals can cause painful burns. So before you head out on your next walk, keep these tips for protecting your pet’s paws in mind so you can both enjoy time outside this winter:

Keep Your Pets Paws Groomed

One of the easiest ways to protect your pets’ paws during the winter is regular grooming. Trimming their nails and keeping them short makes it easier for pets to walk on snow and ice, reducing their risk of injury. And because extra hair around their paws retains moisture, trimming the paw hair helps prevent painful ice crystals or deicing chemicals from causing harm while they are outdoors.

Clean Their Feet

In addition to regular grooming, cleaning their paws as soon as they come indoors is an essential part of winter paw care. After checking their feet for any ice, snow or dirt they may have picked up outdoors, gently wash their feet in a bowl of warm water or with a damp towel to remove anything that might irritate their paws. This also helps prevent your pet from consuming harmful deicing chemicals or salt while licking their paws.


Dry, cold winter weather can lead to cracked, flaky skin in not just humans, but pets, too. Keeping paws moisturized helps prevent painful cracks or redness that may make it difficult for your pet to get around. Applying petroleum jelly or dog paw wax to their feet before any outing helps prevent dryness and protects their pads from outdoor chemicals, while paw balm can be used indoors.

Consider Booties

Snow boots help protect our feet during the winter and can do the same for your pet. Snow boots for pets help keep their paws free of ice and debris, while preventing them from coming into contact with chemicals and providing extra traction on slippery terrain. When shopping for boots for your pet, make sure to find a pair that aren’t too tight but stay secured to your pet’s feet. Some dogs won’t tolerate booties at all, but sometimes it’s just the wrong bootie for them. Try a few different styles, with patience, and see if he or she will come around to the idea.

Limit Time Outdoors

The best way to care for your dog’s paws this winter is by limiting their time outdoors. And if you do take them outside, make sure to check that it’s not too cold for them. With shorter walks and more time spent indoors, you can help keep your pet happy and healthy this winter season.

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