When you’re snowed in, it’s easy to forget about taking your dog for walks or playing outside. But maintaining an active lifestyle even during the cold winter months is essential for keeping our canine companions happy and healthy. While snow and ice may not make ideal conditions for outdoor activities, there’s plenty of ways to stay active indoors. Rather than hibernating for the winter, keep your dog active and ensure they get the exercise they need with these fun and healthy ideas.

Play Indoor Games

There’s no better way to make sure Fido gets the play time and exercise he needs during the winter than by playing with him indoors. Perfect for days when it’s too cold for your dog to be outside, playing fetch in the hallway or tug-of-war with a toy are great ways to ensure that your dog gets to move around and be active. You can also play hide and seek with treats for a great indoor activity that not only tires them out, but also helps build stronger bonds with your pet.

Regular Walks

Taking your dog on regular walks is a great form of exercise that your dog will enjoy. If the weather is nice enough, walking outdoors is the perfect activity for your pooch, although after any time outside make sure to clean their paws to make sure they’re free of ice and debris. Too cold to go out? Why not go for a stroll indoors. Treadmills or even walking up and down the stairs helps make sure your dog doesn’t miss a walk. Many pet stores also allow you to bring your dog shopping, and this is another great way to get a walk in when the ground is too cold for your usual walking paths.

Create an Indoor Agility Course

You don’t need expensive obstacles to create an indoor agility course to keep your dog active this winter. All you need is a few household items. Using brooms, buckets, chairs and blankets, create a course for your dog to navigate with your guidance.

Teach Your Dog New Tricks

While it’s important to make sure your dog is getting physical exercise, mental stimulation is just as important. New tricks provide the opportunity for your dog to engage in physical activity while strengthening their cognitive abilities. If your dog has mastered basic tricks, try and teach them tricks that are more advanced, like rolling over or walking backwards.

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