Now that the warmer weather is here, cicadas are on their way out, and pandemic guidelines are loosening, we’re ready to head outside for longer walks and plenty of playtime at the park with our furry friends. Here are a few great ways to enjoy some summer fun with your best friend.

Oscillating Sprinklers

Watch the fun your pup will have playing with a good oscillating sprinkler and water your lawn at the same time. Available at any hardware store (and even at larger grocery stores), just attach the sprinkler to the hose and prepare to laugh. Which way will the water go? Can he or she figure out how to get a drink without getting the rest of their body wet?

Catch And Fetch

Classic toys like a rubber ball or a Frisbee are most dogs’ favorite toys. Not only does your dog get to spend time outdoors with you, but these toys also allow your pups to exercise their instincts for hunting. And of course it satisfies their other favorite pastime, earning your praise. Just be careful to choose an appropriately-sized toy for his or her mouth.

Aqua Kong

Great for the pool or lake, the Aqua Kong is a dog’s best friend – aside from you, of course! It’s made of a foam core to keep the Aqua Kong afloat with a braided rope coming out of the end to make it easy to fetch and maneuver. Available in medium or large, the bright orange Aqua Kong, like other Kong toys, is made of durable rubber to handle even the roughest play.

Dog Parks

Dog parks are great spots for playing with your pup, and allowing him or her to practice socialization skills. Our website has many links to local dog parks for you both to enjoy.

Longer Walks

Odds are going for a walk if your pup’s favorite activity, and warm summer evenings allow you both to really stretch your legs. It’s very important to check the temperature of the sidewalk before walking your dog. The temperature outside and the temperature of concrete and asphalt are two very different things. When it’s 77 degrees outside, concrete or asphalt could be as high as 127 degrees. We recommend placing your hands (not the palm side) on the concrete for 15 seconds before taking your dogs for a walk. If you can tolerate the temperature well, they should be fine, but keep your eyes on them. If your dog starts to hop, holds up a paw, or makes a beeline for grass, take a break and head home as soon as possible.

At PetWow, we want you and your dogs to enjoy the summer, so here is our most important tip: Never leave your dog unattended in a parked car. On warm days, the temperature in a car can exceed 120° in a matter of minutes — even with the windows partially open.

While all of these activities are great ways to enjoy the summer, we’d love to see videos or photos of your dog playing with their summer toys. Please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn!

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