Most dog owners will tell you, grooming their dogs is their least favorite part of pet ownership. While some dogs enjoy bath time, most, well, let’s just say they’re not a fan. But keeping your dog well-groomed is key for a happy, healthy pup.

Why Is Grooming My Dog Important?

Not only do dogs feel better when they’re clean, the same as you do after a shower, but grooming is also important to keep your pet’s nails in check. Longer nails are not just uncomfortable for your dog, but consistently having long nails can lead to health issues such as arthritis. 

Grooming also reduces shedding, which can cause increased stuffiness and allergies for others in the home. It’s also a hassle to constantly have to vacuum and sweep that extra hair around your house. 

Thorough grooming also ventilates your dog’s coat, helping it grow healthy and strong, and it takes away old and damaged hair. Grooming also ensures that your dog’s skin can breathe and keeps down the level of grease in their coat.

Not only do groomers shampoo your pet and trim their nails, but they also will clean your pet’s ears. Removing the dirt from your pet’s ears will help prevent ear infections.

Most importantly, by getting your pet groomed regularly, your groomer will check for fleas and parasites in places that you may not notice. Grooming also helps with your pet’s socialization skills.

How Often Do Dogs Need To Be Groomed?

Most dogs with longer fur need to be groomed every four to six weeks. Dogs with shorter hair should be groomed every eight to 12 weeks. If your dog’s nails grow quickly or you prefer a specialty cut, you may need more frequent grooming. 

At PetWow, our main goal is to make pet care easier. To help with this, when you bring your dog in for a groom and he or she also needs a vaccination, we will give your dog a free exam at no additional cost!

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