You’ve probably heard that you should spay or neuter your pets, but do you know why? In the United States alone, the ASPCA estimates that 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters every year. This includes both cats and dogs. By spaying and neutering animals, you are doing your part to help cut down on the amount of animals without loving homes. In addition to controlling the pet population, spaying and neutering can combat myriad behavioral issues in both dogs and cats including aggression, inappropriate urination/defecation and destroying property.

Spaying and Neutering Myths

  • Spaying does not cause a pet to get fat or lazy. This comes from overfeeding and poor exercise.
  • Personalities are not altered by spaying. Personalities do not fully develop until two years of age.
  • Aggressiveness and viciousness are not a result of surgery. These traits are a result of poor treatment.
  • Surgical risk is very slight due to modern anesthesia and anesthetic techniques, but there is always some small risk when an anesthetic is used.

When To Spay Or Neuter

It is much easier on the pet to be spayed before going through a “heat” cycle, due to the smaller size of the reproductive tract. The best age to spay is 6-8 months of age for female pets, while neutering should normally be done between 6 and 8 months of age for male pets.

Additionally, surgery is performed painlessly while your pet is under general anesthesia. Post-surgical pain is minimal. Male pets often go home the same day surgery is performed. Female pets usually stay one night in the hospital.

Choose PetWow For Your Pet’s Spay Or Neuter

Why choose the professionals at PetWow  for your spay and neuter needs? Because unlike other veterinary clinics, we strive to provide a quote that is inclusive to all the expenses you may encounter. When calling to get quotes for area clinics, be careful. Some vets quote you with a low-cost price that sounds great, but often doesn’t cover all the expenses associated with surgery. At PetWow, our cost includes everything, including any medicines that are needed at home post-surgery.

At PetWow, we specialize in a multitude of services for both cats and dogs, including spaying and neutering. In fact, we are so good at what we do, more than 20,000 area pet owners trust their pets’ health with our team of professionals. Give us a call at 513-738-9691 or email us at [email protected] with your questions or to schedule an appointment. For more pet care tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn!