March 17, 2020

The entire PetWow team has no higher priority than the care and safety of our clients and their pets. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, PetWow has performed an internal assessment of how best to serve our clients and our patients throughout this difficult time. We are monitoring local and federal governmental directives and are responding to the situation as it develops. For the time being, we continue to offer our full range of services during our regularly scheduled business hours. We have taken the following steps in response to the current crisis:

Can My Pet Transmit COVID-19 To Me or My Loved Ones?

We are closely following AVMA research and findings relative to COVID-19 and your pet. While it appears that pets may become carriers of the virus, they appear unable to transmit the virus to humans other than from the surface of their fur. For a deeper understanding of the relationship between  COVID-19 and your pet, please make use of the following link:

Internal COVID-19 Protocols Related to PetWow Staffing

PetWow Team members who are exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, etc. are being asked to remain home by PetWow management. Additionally, individual PetWow Site Managers are screening their respective teams for any team members who may have symptoms of COVID-19; when a team member appears to be ill, they are being asked to take a leave of absence. 

Internal COVID-19 Protocols at PetWow Locations

PetWow locations will be enforcing social distancing techniques at our Highland Heights and Florence locations.  No more than three clients at a time will await an appointment in our lobbies; other clients who are waiting for exam room appointments will be asked to wait in their vehicles, in order to ensure the appropriate six feet of space between individuals is maintained as far as possible. During this time, we strongly urge our clientele to take advantage of our drop-off services

Multiple times each hour, our team will be using a cleaner that is certified to kill COVID – 19 to clean desks, benches, doorknobs, and other commonly used areas and items in our lobbies. Further, we have implemented a midday “deep-clean” of the lobbies and exam rooms at our facilities to further reduce risk of viral spread. 

Clients who appear ill while in an exam room may be asked to return to their vehicles while we take care of the medical needs of their pet(s).

After each appointment, doorknobs, benches, tables, walls, and other surfaces in exam rooms will be disinfected.

We are instructing all team members to forgo handshakes and asking them to wash their hands multiple times throughout the day. please know that we do not wish to offend; we are simply looking out for your safety and the safety of our team – we will be happy to shake hands once this crisis has passed!

Internal COVID-19 Protocols for PetWow Mobile Services

During this time while social distancing is especially critical, we highly encourage our clientele to take advantage of PetWow’s mobile pet care services, such as Home Veterinary Care, as well as our At-Home Pickup & Delivery Pet Grooming & Veterinary Care services! In order to protect our clients and our team members, we have made the following changes to the way in which such services will be provided during the COVID-19 crisis. 

During this time, all Home Veterinary Care appointments will proceed according to the following method: we will escort the pet to our Mobile Veterinary Unit and conduct all necessary work in the unit. However, clients will be asked to remain in their homes during the exam/services in order to maintain social distancing. The doctor and/or veterinary nurse will communicate with the client; either outside the veterinary vehicle, or by phone during and/or after rendering services. In addition, PetWow team members will perform extra cleaning on the surfaces of our vehicles between each appointment. 

For At-Home Pet Grooming & Veterinary Care Pickup & Delivery services, we will ask clientele to transfer their pet to the pickup driver on a leash or in a carrier, rather than handing the pet directly to the driver – again to assist in maintaining social distancing as far as possible. 

The only situation in which we will be unable to provide at-home services will be in the case of those clientele who have tested positive for COVID -19, or who have self-quarantined due to the presence of symptoms potentially related to the COVID-19 virus. This policy is designed to protect PetWow team members against viral spread. Once symptoms have passed, or a negative test result is secured, we will be happy to book an at-home appointment. 

Thank you! 

PetWow Ownership & Management