Why Your Pet Needs Dental Care

Every pet owner has heard about the importance of ensuring their pet maintains a healthy weight, but many overlook the importance of dental upkeep for their pets. Many pet owners know little about how to maintain their pet’s health. Consequently, many cats and dogs are afflicted with some sort of dental ailment. If you

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Everything You Need to Know About Protecting Your Pet’s Heart

The brain may be the driving force behind your pet’s actions, but their heart is the engine that allows them to function. Caring for your pet’s heart by promoting heart-healthy habits and activities will help your precious pet to live an extensive, healthy life. Here are PetWow’s top three ways to maintain your pet’s

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Importance of Year-Round Heartworm Prevention

Most pet owners would agree that protecting their pets from preventable health risks is an easy-to-keep priority. And while exercise, eating right and drinking plenty of water can help to keep pets healthy and active for many years, preventing deadly heartworm disease should also be among your top priorities. Understanding how heartworm disease is transmitted, how it affects pets’ health and how you can prevent your pets from contracting heartworm will help you to keep it top of mind.

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Why You Should Use Flea And Tick Preventative Medications All Year

The best defense against fleas and ticks is to keep your pets on a year-round flea and tick preventive medication. It’s always better to be on the safe side and keep your pets protected from potential diseases and associated problems. And while it’s common to know that pets who go outdoors need to be treated

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Why It’s Important To Vaccinate Your Pets

Just like with children, pets need vaccines to avoid serious illnesses. In addition, some vaccines, like to prevent rabies, are required by law in most states because of the risk to humans. No one, including pets, likes getting shots or their expense, but the price of vaccinations for pets is reasonable, especially when you consider

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