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Why Your Pet Needs Dental Care

Every pet owner has heard about the importance of ensuring their pet maintains a healthy weight, but many overlook the importance of dental upkeep for their pets. Many pet owners know little about how to maintain their pet’s health. Consequently, many cats and dogs are afflicted with some sort of dental ailment. If you

Why Your Pet Needs Dental Care2023-02-02T18:12:39+00:00

Everything You Need to Know About Protecting Your Pet’s Heart

The brain may be the driving force behind your pet’s actions, but their heart is the engine that allows them to function. Caring for your pet’s heart by promoting heart-healthy habits and activities will help your precious pet to live an extensive, healthy life. Here are PetWow’s top three ways to maintain your pet’s

Everything You Need to Know About Protecting Your Pet’s Heart2023-02-02T18:00:01+00:00

The Best New Tech For Dog Owners

There are countless tech gear and gadgets for dog owners thanks to today’s digital age. From entertaining to feeding your dog and more, there’s no shortage of cool fun gadgets you can use for your beloved pooch. If you are looking to bring some excitement and entertainment into your dog’s life, here are the

The Best New Tech For Dog Owners2023-01-16T16:24:19+00:00

Symptoms Of Heat Stroke In Dogs

When we think of heat stroke, it’s easy to forget your dog can suffer from heat stroke as well. Sadly, we see too many dogs suffer from heat stroke, so we want to remind you about this life-threatening condition so you can recognize the symptoms if it happens, and better yet, avoid it altogether.

Symptoms Of Heat Stroke In Dogs2022-06-13T14:20:25+00:00

How To Care For Your Double-Coated Dog

Double-coated dogs, like Retrievers, Shepherds and Pomeranians for example, have special grooming needs. A double coat is a combination of fur and hair. And while some dogs with long hair may require regular trimming of their coat. Grooming not only ensures that they look their best, but you’re also making sure their coats don’t become

How To Care For Your Double-Coated Dog2021-08-25T21:37:55+00:00

Homemade Dog Diets

With the rising cost of dog food and the recalls that seem to be getting more and more prevalent, some dog parents have started making their own homemade dog food. While this isn’t necessary as better brands of dog food are safe and provide complete nutritional value, some pet parents enjoy spending time in the

Homemade Dog Diets2021-08-25T21:28:02+00:00

Myths and Facts about Grooming Your Doodle-Haired Dog

Most pet owners would agree that protecting their pets from preventable health risks is an easy-to-keep priority. And while exercise, eating right and drinking plenty of water can help to keep pets healthy and active for many years, preventing deadly heartworm disease should also be among your top priorities. Understanding how heartworm disease is transmitted, how it affects pets’ health and how you can prevent your pets from contracting heartworm will help you to keep it top of mind.

Myths and Facts about Grooming Your Doodle-Haired Dog2019-09-17T16:13:34+00:00
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