You do your best to ensure you’re getting enough exercise, but did you know it’s also something you need to watch for your dog? While it may not be as obvious for dogs, they too can have issues with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and muscle pain from lack of exercise. But how much is enough?

The answer varies from dog to dog and is dependent on its age, health and breed, but there are a few standard guidelines to make sure your dog is getting all the exercise he needs. But most importantly, if your dog has a medical condition, such as hip dysplasia, or heart or respiratory issues, talk with your vet about an appropriate exercise routine that will help him stay healthy without causing pain or medical issues.

How Much Exercise Do Puppies Need?
Puppies need a lot of exercise, but they’re better off getting it in spurts instead of long walks. For most puppies, five to 10 minutes per day is the goal. Actively playing with a toy (like fetch) or with her friends can count as exercise in a pinch, but walking and running are best. Not only will this give her body a workout, but it will also help calm her natural energy.

How Much Exercise Do Adult Dogs Need?
More so than puppies, the breed determines the amount of exercise needed. Some low-energy breeds, like Basset Hounds and Bulldogs, need about 30 minutes a day between walking and active play. High-energy breeds, like Collies, Shepherds and Spaniels need 60-90 minutes of exercise each day.

How Much Exercise Do Senior Dogs Need?
There is no set standard for senior dogs as they really need an appropriate plan recommended by their vet. Nice walks are great exercise for senior dogs depending on the weather, and swimming is great if your vet clears your dog for it because it causes less stress on his joints.

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