There are countless tech gear and gadgets for dog owners thanks to today’s digital age. From entertaining to feeding your dog and more, there’s no shortage of cool fun gadgets you can use for your beloved pooch. If you are looking to bring some excitement and entertainment into your dog’s life, here are the best top-tech gadgets every dog owner should know about.

Treat Dispenser

There’s no denying that dogs love their treats. Whether you’re away at work or simply not at home, a treat dispenser allows you to still interact and shoot out treats for your dog, even when you’re not at home. Many treat dispensers also have a camera and audio system so you can see and talk to your dog as you give them their favorite treats.

Interested in getting your hands on a dog treat dispenser? A Furbo treat dispenser is a popular gadget with thousands of raving reviews.

Ball Launcher

Fetch is one of a dog’s favorite pastimes. With a ball launcher, this gadget allows your dog to play fetch, even if you’re not throwing the ball. This type of gadget allows you to pre-load multiple tennis balls that automatically launch each ball for plenty of fun to keep your dog entertained.

Check out this interactive ball launcher to keep your dogs entertained for endless amounts of fun!

Automated Feeders

Automated pet food feeders make it easy to feed your dog at a designated time via the feeder, rather than having to feed your dog yourself. Whether you’re not home or busy in a meeting, an automated feeder ensures your dog will always get fed on time, even if you’re not around to feed your pup.

Interested in feeding your dog automatically so you don’t have to adjust your schedule according to your dog’s mealtime? Check out this automatic dog food dispenser.

Go-Pro Harness for Dogs

GoPros aren’t just for humans. There is a dog harness that you can attach to your GoPro camera so your dog can wear your GoPro to capture interesting images and videos from your dog’s perspective. Ever wonder what your dog sees? Want to capture some fun memories of your dog as they run around your backyard, home, or wherever you go? Consider using a dog harness specially designed to mount your GoPro camera for some fun, memorable images.

Check out this GoPro Harness for dogs to safely mount your GoPro on your pup to get an exclusive look at your pup’s point of view.

Home Camera for Interactive Play

Ever wonder what your dog does while you’re away from home? Now you can keep a close eye on your pet with an interactive pet camera with a microphone to communicate and watch your pet wherever you are throughout the day. Many of these pet home cameras have a two-way communication system to hear and talk to your dog while you’re not home.

Interested in getting an interactive pet camera of your own? Check out this PetCube Cam to keep an eye on your pup anywhere, anytime.

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