Every pet owner has heard about the importance of ensuring their pet maintains a healthy weight, but many overlook the importance of dental upkeep for their pets. Many pet owners know little about how to maintain their pet’s health. Consequently, many cats and dogs are afflicted with some sort of dental ailment. If you have a furry friend and you would like to discover why your pet needs dental care, read on to learn PetWow’s top three reasons.

1.      Prevent Bad Breath

No one enjoys dog breath, and this quality of our pets is exacerbated by bad dental care. Bad breath in pets is more than an unpleasant surprise-it can be a sign that your pet has some dental problems that need to be addressed.

Providing your cat or dog with dental care such as teeth brushing or giving them items to chew on can reduce the buildup of plaque and keep their teeth clean. If you ignore your pet’s teeth, plaque will accumulate and bacteria will flourish, leading to a foul smell developing in their mouths. Preventing bad breath is a huge reason why dental care is so important for your pets.

2.      Teeth Preservation

When a cat or dog is not provided with dental care, it may start to lose some of its teeth. Not only is this a jarring experience for a pet owner, but it is a painful experience for a cat or dog. Teeth that are not properly cared for are prone to the buildup of plaque, which could lead to teeth that eventually rot.

Rotted teeth will need to be pulled from a pet’s mouth to prevent further damage from happening. If enough teeth rot, there will be implications for a cat or dog’s lifestyle since rotted teeth can impact their abilities to eat and otherwise live a healthy life.

3.      Prevent A Painful Experience for Your Pet

Though your pet may not enjoy receiving dental care, it is in their best interest to receive routine teeth cleaning of some sort. Cats and dogs that do not receive any form of dental care will inevitably experience tooth decay and the deterioration of their dental health.

In the absence of dental care, even simple tasks such as chewing or playing games can be painful for your pet. If your pet is constantly experiencing pain in its mouth, its mental and physical wellness will be negatively impacted. Therefore, perhaps the best reason to make sure that your pet receives dental care is to prevent them from experiencing the pain associated with a lack of dental care.

Here at PetWow, we specialize in making sure that your pet receives top-notch care. We know that it can be difficult to get your furry friend to cooperate with efforts to provide them with dental care, but our team of experienced pet professionals is up for the challenge. We offer an assortment of pet services to help make the process of pet care as smooth as possible, so if you are ready to get your pet the care that it deserves, get in touch today!

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