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Every pet is unique and PetWow understands that. In order to cater to the needs of different pets and pet owners’ schedules, we can come to you. We offer both in-hospital and at-home veterinary services in the Florence and Highland Heights, Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati areas. Read on to learn more about the exclusive services we offer at our pet care center locations or in the comfort of your home.

Veterinary and Surgical Care

While we are non-traditional in our service offerings, we provide the same medical care and procedures just like any other veterinary hospital. Our veterinary and surgical care for both cats and dogs includes physical exams, vaccines, spays and neuters, flea and heartworm prevention services, nail trimming, and ear or teeth cleanings. If your pet does need surgery, we have a full range of lab services, dental services, hospitalization, and complex soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries at our state-of-the-art surgical center.

Home Vet Care

Much like a sick child, having a pet who needs to see a vet can be stressful. Missing work or daily activities can be difficult and many pets get anxious or scared traveling and visiting a vet facility. But with PetWow’s home vet care services, we come to you. Our in-home vet visits are designed to be both convenient and affordable without sacrificing the quality of care.

Mobile Grooming

If you want to pamper your pet, our unique mobile grooming taxi services offer the option for us to transport your pet round trip to our grooming facilities. Trained to provide optimal hygiene care for your pet, our experienced team of groomers provides specialty breed-shaping and styling for nearly 100 different breeds at unbeatable price points.

A Different Experience for Your Pet

At PetWow, we want you to have a one-of-a-kind experience for your one-of-a-kind pet and our experienced staff of 50+ veterinarians and veterinary surgeons and technicians are here to help. Our pricing structures are designed to reflect “walk-in” pet services and offer multi-pet and senior citizen discounts.

To learn more about in-facility and at-home pet services or to schedule an appointment, ask a veterinarian, contact us or get directions or give us a call at 513-738-9691.

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